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High Performace Strategy


The overall or over-arching impact for SASKI Skiing for Disabled is to maximize the opportunity and support for Saskatchewan Para-Nordic & Para-Alpine athletes to achieve Peak Performance. We will consider that we have achieved that impact if we have:

  1. 1 or 2 more Para-Nordic athletes on the National Ski Team (NST) by 2016 using a strong, more effective Talent Identification system.

  2. Always send maximum number of athletes to Canada Winter Games (CWG) and win medals

  3. Always send 1-4 competitive athletes to Nationals and win medals

Skiing for Disabled, Adaptive Sport, Sking, disabled
Para-Nordic  HPPI

Saskatchewan has been very successful in having its members on Paralympic, World Championship, World Cup, National Ski Team and NST staff. The most successful are Colette Bourgonje, Kaspar Wirz (highest position – Head Coach for 2 Paralympics) and Jeff Whiting (highest position – Team Manager).


Saskatchewan has been very successful in having its members on the National Ski Team staff (4), also 4 guides and 4 officials. Saskatchewan Para-Nordic sit skiers were ranked 3rd at Canada Winter Games in 2011(CWG), which was the first year that Para-Nordic was eligible to compete.  Summary Document


Short-Term Outcomes:

We currently have only 26 Para-Nordic athletes from an estimated potential of 528 people with a severe physical disability in Saskatchewan. We are under-represented in the less than 14 age group, and need to develop a stronger and more efficient recruitment pipeline by 2015.


Our short term outcomes are:

  • Develop a stronger recruitment pipeline by 2015

  • Replace all the heavier sit ski equipment by Dec. 2014

  • Develop an Effective Daily Training Environment that has excellence as its priority

Long-Term Outcomes:

  • Get 1-2 athletes on NST (by forming a strong Talent ID pipeline)

  • Convince CCC (NSO) to complete CCI-L2T & CCI-ADV (TTT) AWAD courses manuals (inc. Outcomes)

  • Use CPC coach funding for NCCP courses to certify the following coaches:

    • ICC – 7 coaches certified (completed Jan. 2013)

    • CC & CC AWAD- 11 coaches certified by 2013

    • CCI-L2T dryland - 6-10 coaches certified by 2014

    • CCI-L2T on-snow - 6-8 coaches certified by 2014

    • CCI-ADV (TTT) - 3 coaches certified by 2013.

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Para-Alpine HPPI

Currently being Developed

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